Belly button hernia??? (photos)

I used to be overweight as a kid. I have always had a frowny belly button. I worked out lost weight when I was around 21 and have kept it off till now. I'm 34, 5'7 and 124 lbs. I had a baby two years ago and only gained 22 lbs. I was doing sit ups the other day and noticed when I contract my belly button pops out! Is this a hernia or something I need to fix? It isn't painful. I wish it could look like this for good lol it is much cuter. It goes back to normal when I'm not contracting

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Belly button hernia

Thanks for your question.  Based on your photos and comments, it is likely that you have an umbilical hernia. This is something that should be evaluated and likely repaired, as it can get worse as time goes on.  I suggest that you consult with a general surgeon, as they would be the best to address and discuss if repair is indicated.  Best Regards.

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