Regrow Hair? What can I use to promote hair growth and have a full hairline again?

I am a female in her early 20s with no underlying health issues except a slightly lower than normal ferritin levels. My hair is naturally very thick, but the stressful previous year has made its quality deteriorate. I have especially noticed a few empty spaces on the sides of the hairline. I currently take, on top of a balanced diet, iron, silica (BioSil), biotin (5mg) and Inneov's hair mass. I want my thick, full hair back!

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Hair Loss in Young Women

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Hi Shoma

I would advise you to see a hair specialist (dermatologist or hair transplant surgeon) for further guidance. There are many reason for decreased density as you describe including low iron, hair styling practices, heat damage,   chemical damage, traction alopecia, and genetic hair loss. It's important to knew that other hair loss conditions are possible too. 

Stress is not typically a cause for most people but your physician can advise you depending on your circumstances whether it could be a contributor to your hair loss. 

The different hair loss conditions are treated differently and that's why it's so important to get an accurate diagnosis. For some conditions, a supplement could help but for other conditions a supplement would do absolutely nothing. For some conditions, a hair transplant could help whereas for other conditions a hair transplant would not do anything. 

In the meantime, make sure your ferritin (iron test) is above 40-50 before excluding low iron as a cause.  Just ask your physician what your levels are. This certainly is one of the more common causes in young women. 


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