Regnault/B Mastopexy and Mammoplasty Procedures. How Are These Techniques Compared to Others?

What are the Regnault/B mastopexy and mammoplasty procedures like compared to other techniques for lift and for reduction? Who are suitable candidates and why (would the surgery results be ugly, unsafe, or short-lived for others?). Why don't we hear about these techniques more often? Where can I find a doctor who has performed these surgeries before?

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Regnault B matopexy vs The Ultimate Breast Lift

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Hi Anon,

Excellent question!

The Regnault technique is subject to limitations. It is not successful in large lifts or reductions. The vertical scar although somewhat lateral is still very visible and fundamentally poor in architectural placement. It does not provide for internal reshaping of the breast which is crucial for long term lift and esthetics. The Ultimate Breast Lift on the other hand, has no limitations in breast size or degree of ptosis. As a matter of fact, the UBL works best with women who have extreme sagginess. The architectural strength of this lift is twofold in that it transfers the weight of the breast off the skin and on to the underlying chest muscles. The UBL does NOT rely on the weak skin envelope to keep the breast in place. It does not have a vertical scar at the point of maximum tension which further weakens the lift. Overall, the UBL is a superior technique that improves aging breasts greatest challenges.

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Dr. H

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