Bike Accident, Hit Nose, Slanted Nose, Coughing and Breathing Problems In Sleep?

6 months before i fell down from my bicycle and i had hit my nose with my cycle's handle. from the past 3 months i am having severe cough and cold. nowadays it so happens that while i am sleeping in night i get a cough and as i cough my breathing stops, and my eyes becomes red in color, it takes a min. of 3-4 mins for me to take breathe again. i feel very serious at that time. can this be due to the slanting bone in my nose? please reply as quick as possible.

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Breathing Problems During Sleep after Nasal Trauma

Your breathing problems may be secondary to your nasal trauma. You do not mention your age, but sleep apnea is another possible cause. You need to be examined by a nasal specialist.

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