Am I a Candidate For Ultrasound Sclerotherapy for the Feet & Lower Legs? I Have Neuropathy and Increased Platelets In Blood.

Am I a candidate? I have peripheral neuropathy in toes. feet and legs. Have essential thrombocythmia- increased number of platelets in my bone marrow. Would there be a chance of a blood clot with these problems? Thank you,


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Thrombocytosis , Sclerotherapy and Blood Clots (DVT)

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Remember venous blood clots are fibrin clots and not related to platelets as in thrombocytosis (elevated platelet counts). So, patients with thrombocytosis are not likely to get more venous clots and my opinion is that they are not at increased risk of getting venous blood clots after sclerotherapy. You can continue taking aspirin or hydroxyurea or whatever you take for thrombocytosis while you are getting sclerotherapy. I highly recommend that you consult your hematologist before you get sclerotherapy done, given the above information.

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