Regarding Cosmelan: Does Anybody Know if Severe Sulfite Allergies Prohibit Use?

Over the past several years, I have watched my pigmentation become scarred and blotchy, hyperpigmented. I suspect this occurred due to benzoyl peroxide use while living in Florida. Many peels (tca, glycolic), microdermabrasions, profractional laser treatments. Cannot use Triluma, it almost shut my breathing down due to severe sulfite allergies (how could a doctor prescribe to me when I filled out the allergy paperwork? Scary). CAN I USE COSMELAN WITH THIS ALLERGY?

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Cosmelan and sulfites

Many people have sulfite allergies and I apologize for your rough experience with Triluma. There are two kinds of Cosmelan - one has hydroquinone and one does not. I do not believe that either of them have sulfites or would contribute to any sulfite allergies. However, the easiest thing to do is to contact the maker, Mesoestetic, and ask them if there are any side effects or if they have any reported problems from people with sulfite allergies. Their phone number is (818) 783-6881.

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