Regarding chin augmentations: Is it possible to change the vertical HEIGHT (rel. to lip) of the labiomental crease? (photos)

I have a deep/low labiomental crease, and I think my face would look better not only with the labiomental crease filled, but also if it was a bit HIGHER (i.e. nearer to the bottom of my lip). Is it possible to change the shape of the chin this way, or can the mental crease only be filled but not "raised"? Pls see attached photos for illustration of low/high (yes, I know lower crease is beautiful on the model). The photos aren't me, they're from the internet for illustration's sake. Thanks!

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Chin height/fold height

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Yes, the contour you describe is most reasonable. Your image does show that it is possible to achieve; and occasionally the sliding genioplasty is combined with a small implant on the area under  the labiomental fold to achieve the best results/contours. The xray would show the contour of the chin and the 'tilt' of the lower incisors (which influence the lower lip support)

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The best treatment for augmenting height of  the chin is sliding genioplasty. The soft tissue can be controlled in a natural way. 

Majid Jamali, DMD
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