Will I Regain the Fatness in my Upper Lip and Someday Get to Show my Full Set of Teeth when I Smile Ever Again?

its been almost a month since my closed rhinoplasty. i had my deviated septum fixed, a dorsal hump reduced, and a little refinining of the tip and a reduced hanging hanging columella. As I read more and more, after one month the nose is somewhat taking its permanent shape. I can't tell for sure, but it seems like the columella hangs weird thus being why I can't smile like before, where you could see my teeth and had a full upper lip. Will the colum. become smaller?

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Smile and Columella concerns after rhinoplasty

Although the nose does begin to take most of its shape a month to six weeks after your rhinoplasty, this is certainly not your final result.   Contraction (shrinking) of tissues with healing is expected even up to a year or more following surgery.  Some trepidation with smiling or what is called "splinting" can occur in the upper lip following work on the columella or septum.  This generally resolves over a few months.  In terms of the hanging columella it may improve some more with time.  I would discuss these issues with your surgeon but you haven't reached your final stage of healing yet. 

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Smile after rhinoplasty

Early after rhinoplasty, the muscles around the upper lip may be a bit weak and feel "full or stiff."  This usually gets better in the first few months.

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Smile return after rhinoplasty

In general, the smile changes for a while after rhinoplasty, usually due to swelling of the tissues that prevents the full motion of the lip. With columella work, this swelling will likely take longer to resolve, especially if the nasal spine was reduced or a graft placed to support. In rhinoplasty especially, patience is necessary. 

And trust your surgeon. You went to her or him for a reason.

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Altered smile

It is difficult to answer your question without seeing your pictures – you should consider posting images showing different views of your nose.  Certain columellar procedures can affect the smile much longer than a month

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Your smile should return to normal by 6-12 weeks after Rhinoplasty Surgery.

If you had a lot of work by your columella, at the base of your nose, or if you had a columellar strut placed, it is common to have heaviness of your central upper-lip with smiling. I see this in many of my Rhinoplasty patients, and this is temporary in nearly everyone.

Hope this helps.

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