Regain More Fat After Liposuction?

Is it true that after Liposuction, your body will regain more fat? What happens after giving, should it go back to normal?

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You absolutely do not gain more fat after liposuction.

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You see, after the teen age years, we don't make any new fat cells. When you gain weight, the same number of fat cells get bigger. And when you get thinner, the same number of fat cells shrink.

When you have liposuction of an area (let's say the thighs), millions of fat cells are removed, and they are not replaced by your body, because it does not make new fat cells. Those cells are gone permanently.

That means that the bulge treated with liposuction should be gone permanently. The area treated (your thighs, for example) should be permanently smaller.

Of course, you can gain weight, like anybody else, but the improvement in shape produced by liposuction lasts a very long time.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon


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Once the fat is removed it is gone forever.  It is not true that your body gains more fat after the procedure.  That does not mean you cannot gain weight anymore so it is still important to exercise and watch your diet.

Edmond A. Zingaro, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Fat loss is permanent, unless...

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I hear this myth a lot from patients during consultation for body contouring with liposuction. There's a belief out there that if you remove fat it will come back in an other area. I have no idea who started this rubbish, but there's no scientific evidence to support this. The changes from liposuction are permanent if you maintain your weight afterwards. If you gain significant weight, you will "fill out" in all areas of fat deposition (genetically and hormonally determined), but you will maintain your contour from liposuction. Although we thought that we do not make new fat cells after our teenage years, now there's evidence to the contrary. The fat cell turnover is much slower in an adult. We know that our fat compartment is full of stem cells. This might be one of the reasons why fat grafts in the face, buttocks, breasts and other body areas where they are injected survive and can grow.

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