Refund after bad experience possible? (Photos)

I had a horrible experience and undesirable results. I had an infection followed by the plastic surgeons wife yelling racial slurs at me in tthe exam room and slandering me. This has not been a productive patient/doctor relationship and therefor I would like my money back to go elsewhere. How do I ask for refund?

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Bad results after breast surgery

I am sorry you had such an unpleasant experience.  Your post-op pictures show some minor contour issues but overall it does not look as though you have suffered form frank negligence or malpractice.  Poor results can occur with any surgery and do not in and of themselves provide evidence of malpractice.  

Racial slurs and verbal abuse are inexcusable.  Minimally you should report this to the State Board of Medicine and the the local and national medical societies.  A carefully worded letter from an attorney might result in a refund, but you will probably have to sign a release or waiver.

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are tricky issues but if you truly did not get a result you were anticipating and can prove it, you certainly should be able to discuss this with your surgeon.  Complications happen and that has nothing to do with refunds.  If his spouse's abuse is also witnessed, your surgeon would probably be motivated to settle your concerns and would have to clear any offers through his insurance company before offering a refund.  But looking at your photos, I can't say I appreciate 'poor' results.

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Refund after bad experience possible?

I am sorry to hear about the “bad experience”. At this point, I think your best bet is to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon in a calm and constructive fashion. This type of communication, as opposed to antagonistic communication, will be most likely to allow for a “resolution” that you would like to see.  Best to be as objective, factual, respectful as possible, and focus on achieving as close to possible a “win/win” in a difficult situation…Best wishes.

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