Refresher Lift Vs Lifestyle Lift?

I am 44 years old and I am not really wrinkle, but I would like to have my upper lids done so it wouldn't be so noticable. What's the difference between Lifestyle Lift and Refresher Lift? And if I have the Lifestyle or Refrsher lift how long will that last?

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Avoid Branded Procedures

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My advice is that you see at least three well respected Facial Plastic Surgeons or Plastic Surgeons, evaluate their results, the tone of their offices, the friendliness and professionalism of their staff, and go with your gut feeling. The trend of branding Facelift names is relatively new and confusing for patients.

Lifestyle Lift is really more of a marketing company that advertises heavily and hires local surgeons to perform what is really a Facelift with shortcuts under local anesthesia. A Facelift is a wonderful procedure when performed properly, but terribly stigmatic if rushed, or if corners cut.

Patients are Choosing Branded Facelifts

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Branded facelifts are an interesting phenomenon of facial plastic surgery.  There are many positive and negative comments for these types of lifts from both patients and doctors.  Why do you think there is so much controversy?

One reason why is that anytime there is change, you will always find resistance, and this situation is no different.

A branded facelift is like a tool: it is neither good nor bad, it all depends on how it is used.  Just like any other tool, a hammer can be used to hurt someone or to build something of fantastic value.

A branded facelift is a tool that is used to help patients identify with and understand the profound personal transformation they can experience with these procedures.

In all areas of life, you will always find things being done for good or bad reasons.  This is the case in the financial industry, education, politics, healthcare, and even plastic surgery.

Some say if you are good about what you do you don’t need to advertise.  You may counter that if you are really good at what you do, you should tell the whole world and let even more people know.

Either way, when you consult for a cosmetic procedure, the process is still the same.  Choose your doctor based on credentials, track record, specialization in the procedure you desire, the ability to perform the procedure without general anesthesia or IV sedation if you desire, reputation, procedure longevity, and patient results and satisfaction.

If someone downplays a branded facelift, ask if they drive a branded car, wear branded designer label clothes, eat at branded restaurants, drink a branded drink, watch Disney movies, talk on a branded cell phone, or wear a branded watch.  Yes, they might even trust their lives to a branded cholesterol or blood pressure medicine.

The truth is we live in a world of brands, and these brands can help us to distinguish between the multitude of confusing choices that are out there.  Best of luck in your choosing to move forward, and please let us know if you have any additional questions!

Richard Castellano, MD
Tampa Facial Plastic Surgeon

Avoided marketed and branded Facelift procedures

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All branded face lifts are simply a face lift with marketing to help attract patients. At the end of the day the quality and effectiveness of any procedure is simply predicated on the quality of the surgeon, not the name of the procedure. Do your home work, understand your doctors credentials, see examples of his or her work, and be able to speak to patients about their experience.

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Where did you learn about the refresher lift

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I have never heard of the "Refresher Lift" but I will assume that this is a modified short scar face lift as is the Lifestyle Lift. These are performed differently by different individuals and rarely are manuals published which accurately describe these procedures therefore it is very difficult to evaluate. I have performed a modified MACS lift which has been detailed in two textbooks as well as numerous presentations.

Lifestyle Lift Not Available - LiteLift® good alternative

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The Quick answer is that the Lifestyle Lift company has declared bankruptcy and out of business - i.e. It is not available anymore:

Lifestyle Lift a trademarked brand name and also is a chain of facial cosmetic clinics with headquarters in Troy, Michigan.
As advertised, the LIFESTYLE LIFT is a minimally invasive, short scar lower face lift performed under local anesthesia and yes it involves cutting and sutures. The reason no one will tell you is probably because as far as I can tell there is no one specific technique, or even a published description of why this differs from other short scar techniques. It is performed by Facial Plastic Surgeons, Head and Neck Surgeons, and Plastic Surgeons. I am not farmiliar with the "Refresher Lift"

The LiteLift® however is a great alternative and has been around for a similar time period, and only performed by board certified plastic surgeons. It is a short scar modified facelift offering in office local anesthesia and oral sedation as well as other methods of anesthesia.See the below link for more information

Lifestyle lift or refresher lift

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The lifestyle lift and the refresher lift are marketing terms for lower facelifts. Neither lift will address the upper eyelids. A standard upper blepharoplasty will address excess skin on the upper eyelids. If your brows are drooping as well you may be a candidate for a brow lift.

I would beware of branded cosmetic procedures. Surgery is a very personal thing and it is very important to establish and healthy relationship with your surgeon. In corporate, cosmetic offices it is very difficult to establish a relationship with your surgeon and your treatment is often a standardized procedure that is applied to all patients. Do multiple consultations with experienced and qualified surgeons and pick the one that you feel the most comfortable with. Good Luck!

Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 34 reviews

Refresher Lift vs mini lifts like lifestyle lifts

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Neither Refresher Lift nor lifestyle face lift address the upper lids. A standard upper lid procedure or sometimes a brow lift will accomplish this if the upper lids are the issue.

When it comes to your face, a Refresher Lift, even though it uses short incisions, is not a mini lift like the lifestyle mini lift, because it also uplifts the neck, jowls, and cheeks very effectively.

By repairing the deep supporting layers of the face, it produces more natural results and lasts much longer.

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