How Long Should I Wait Before my Next Refirme Treatment?

I had Refirme done for the first time 2 weeks ago. I feel the area around my mouth is still very pitted and lined. When should my second procedure be? How long before results?

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Refirme Treatment Intervals

Typical Refirme treatment regimens are performed at three to four week intervals.  Refirme can be combined with other laser treatment regimens as well.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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Best results are achieved at 3 week intervals or close to that. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Some Doctors Are Doing Refirme Monthly

But it varies.  Most Refirme and Thermage skin tightening treatments are done as a series of treatments to get you the best results.  Also, the results may take several weeks to develop.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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