How is Refirme Treatment Performed?

Yesteday, I went for a "Photofacial" and the Nurse said they used Refirme. The treatment barely lasted 10 minutes, I received about 20-30 pulses and I was quite disappointed. I wonder, did they scam me?

I had IPL Photofacial in Europe, as well as RF rejuvenation and it was so much different from this. I am waiting to see results, but can 20-30 pulses help at all? They charged me 375$ for this visit. I expected at least 1 pulse per sq inch/cm. Was that how the Refirme tm Photofacial is supposed to be done?


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Unless your treatment was confined to only your upper lip, you were scammed.  Usually Refirme needs 150-200 pulses per area treated.  I would ask for a refund or a real treatment.  The Refirme is not an IPL, and will not help with skin color of reds and browns.  Refirme only helps the laxity of skin.

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