Refingel Injections for Buttocks and Calf?

Are these procedures safe? I was onto a doctor in London, and apparently he is the only one who does these fillers. Has anyone had these fillers? Or can I get some advise?

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Refingel injections for buttocks and calf

Dear Scarlet,

Refingel, Aquamid (made by Ferrosan Denmark) are both suspensions of polyacrylamide gels, 5% and 2.5% respectively, suspended in sterile water.

None of them were approved for use by the FDA in the USA despite being on the market in Europe for years. Their injection in the US constitutes medical malpractice since by definition, the much referred to SOC (professional Standard of Care) is violated by the sheer fact no one else uses the in most communities AND the injector is violation of importing such fillers into the country.

Plastic surgeons are a VERY competitive group and yet, reportedly only a single practitioner injects it in the open in London. What SHOULD that tell you?

If these agents were such phenomenal successes, WHY are so few practitioners willing to inject it?

Could it be that there are serious and irreversible complications associated with these agents?

For your own sake - stay away.

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