First Refiner Tray - How Many Days?

Greetings all, I just got my first set of refiners today. My ortho said the first tray was actually a passive aligner, so I only had to wear it for a few days. Can that ever be the case? Also, he told me himself I could wear each refiner tray for 10 days only. Any chance that can be right as well? I am very compliant - 22 hours / day minimum, sometimes 22.5 or 23. M Thanks, J

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How long to wear aligners

It is not uncommon to wear passive aligners on the top or bottom teeth at the beginning or end of treatment. 

Also, depending on the amount of movement programmed into the aligners, some people can wear them anywhere from 7-14 days per set and achieve the desired results.

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First Refiner Tray - How Many Days?

The first tray, like all the other trays, should be worn for 14 days with 22 hours daily wear. If you were not able to wear it with that consistency you may go up to 3 weeks with the same aligner.

Paola Leone, DDS, MSD
Seattle Orthodontist

Accelerated Invisalign

WHat your orthodontist told you is not uncommon.  Many people will go to 10 days on their aligners.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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The length of time each tray should be worn

When each orthodontist designs the Invisalign case for the patient they can put different amount of movement in each tray as they desire. Therefore your treating orthodontist would be the best person to advise you how long you should wear each tray and I would go with their recommendations.

Tanya Vaysman, DMD
New York Orthodontist
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