Is Liposuction my Next Best Option Aside from Undergoing a Body Lift?

Referring to my initial question... if I go ahead and do get Lipo vs a body lift and continually workout as I do (3-4 days a week @ 2hrs a day) with the assistance of Lipo and working out and my age should play a key role will my skin bounce back to some degree? Enough so where I will not have such large love handles

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Liposuction and weight loss effect on Skin

Excess fat is only be component in angling skin and live handles. Excess, no elastic damaged skin makes up the other part. Liposuction and weight loss will remove fat but will not affect the overlying skin. Some skin shrinkage will appen but is quite unpredictable. It s therefore best to lose excess weight first and do a body lift second saving liposuction for finishing touches sculpting stead of large evacuation of fat. 

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Liposuction vs body lift

If you have loose skin, liposuctin will make it worse.  If you need a body lift then you  need a body lift.  No other procedure will get rid of the loose skin.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Liposuction vs. Body Lift

Liposuction is not a substitute for a circumferential body lift. It has little to no ability to tighten loose skin and, when liposuction is done in the face of substantially loose skin, it may actually worsen it. Exercise, no matter how vigorous or extensive, will aid the effects of liposuction by tightening skin. Your decision is one of doing the better procedure, a body lift, or not doing anything at all.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Abdominoplasty revision

Exercise has little or no effect on extra/loose skin unless the excess is so mild that increase in muscle size fills the skin envelope. It will not be effective in your case with or without liposuction. Because the love handles area is normally concave removal of fat in the area by liposuction tends to take up some of the excess skin without having to actually remove skin. In your case I think the problem area is below the level of the love handles. This is most evident on the behind and twisted views. On the behind you see a muffin top appearance just above the pant line. I suspect a revision of the outer ends of the previous abdominoplasty extending the excision a bit towards the back with or without liposuction you give your desired look. If designed properly this could also give you some thigh tightening especially if the previous abdominoplasty was not a high lateral tension abdominoplasty.

As for the small man breasts (gynecomastia), which is more severe on the right than the left, the best option is some combination of liposuction and direct removal of the glandular tissue. It does not look like you need skin removal in the chest area that some gynecomastia patients require.

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Liposuction or Body Lifting after Weight Loss?

Thank you for the follow-up question. I have read and answered your previous question.

Unfortunately,  I think you will likely be very disappointed with the results of liposuction surgery.  As you know, the major issue in your case is loose  and inelastic skin after  successful/impressive weight loss. If you have liposuction surgery done ( or any other method including cool sculpting performed)  you may very well be left with unsatisfactory skin contour irregularities and poor cosmetic results.

Although your age is favorable  to “skin bounce back”,  your history and resulting skin inelasticity is not;  be very careful about your next step.  Undergoing  liposuction surgery and/or nonsurgical modalities treatments will leave you disappointed.

I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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