10 months after surgery, I need to go for a review. Do I have any other options? (Photo)

I went back to my doctor because i feel like i still have some breast tisue loose and my implants are moving around and the implants are on the sides of my armpit, so my doctor said i need another surgery but he said he would have to put a mesh on the sides of my armpit to keep my implants tight together and remove little of my breast tisue. My question is if its nessesary to have that mesh or is there any other way to have the surgery done? Do i have any other options??

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When the pocket is too large

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and there is some hanging tissue follow augmentation mastopexy, options are there.  If you don't mind being smaller, remove some of the excess tissue at the bottom where you have your wide scar and it would also revise your scar at the same time.  If your implants truly go to your armpits (your photos on your back do not show that), you can use mesh or your own capsule to reduce the size of the pocket but each have their own risks and costs so you should discuss using your own tissue with your surgeon.  The recovery is difficult and unpredictable so make sure this is really important to you to pursue.


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The procedure could also be done with permanent sutures, but your doctor may have his best results using mesh. Please discuss this with him again.

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