Reduction Nasal Bone? (photo)

I had a reduction nasal bone three months ago, I had small fracture on the left side of my nasal bone. Since then my nose has asymmetric shape. I have a bump on my left side and my tip look bigger. My smile is asymmetric. Can I have my old nose and my smile back ?

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Reduction Nasal Bone?

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 Sadly, no.  Once the nasal tissues, whether cartilage of the tip or nasal bone humps are removed...the "old nose" is gone forever.  First take a deep breath and allow yourself time for the nose to heal and you to adjust to its new shape.  We, as humans, have little patience but it's best for you to wait 9 months for that process to occur.  If after that time you want your nose to look different you can have consultations with experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeons but do not believe that any surgeon, no matter how skilled, will give you your old nose back.  Hope this helps.

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