Does the Reduction of One Inferior Turbinate Have Any Affect on an Untouched Turbinate on the Other Side?

According to the surgical report, the Dr. operated only on the right turbinate. Here is how the surgical report reads: "I went ahead and reduced the right inferior turbinate by making a stab incision along its anteriormost aspect. A cottle was used to elevate the soft tissue from the underlying conchal bone. A small sinus shaver was then introduced and used to remove submucosal soft tissue without injuring the overlying mucosa. The midportion of the tubinate was outfracuted."

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The goal is to breathe better through both sides of the nose

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Nobody has exactly symmetrical nasal passages. There is always a bend in the nasal septum, or a disproportion in the size of the turbinates. In addition, the turbinates themselves expand and contract  (such as when we have a cold), or even when we lie on one side - the lower side expands. 

The purpose of the nasal surgery is not only to improve both airways, but also to make them more equal.

As such, it would be unusual to perform exactly the same procedure on both sides of the nose. 

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