Reduction from B Cup to A Cup?

I am 17. I dislike having breasts and have a very heavy B-cup. I feel like my breasts are larger than they actually are. People tell me I have a B cup but they sit low, sag and look disgusting overall. It's a personal preference that I don't like having breasts, and something I have always felt; I want to be more masculine looking. I am serious about my choice. Is it possible to reduce a B cup to a small A cup? To breasts that were very small and blended with the chest. Thank you!!!

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Reduction from B Cup to A Cup

It is possible t o reduce a breast from a B to an A cup. Most surgeons will ask you to wait until you are 18 years of age. Insurance will frequently cover breast reduction surgery for the treatment of specific complaints such as neck, back, and shoulder pain, but you are unlikely to get coverage if your com[plaints are cosmetic in nature.

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It is Possible to Reduce B Cup Breast to an A Cup

It is possible to reduce a B cup breast to an A cup. If the breasts sag and there is extra skin then this would be done with a standard breast reduction procedure. If there is little or no sagging then a reduction can be done with liposuction only. It sounds as though a more aggressive surgical reduction with the standard “anchor scar” technique would be best in your case. There are some limitations in how much the breast can safely be reduced without compromising circulation to the nipple. It may not be possible to reduce your breasts to a “small” A cup safely, however correction of the sagging and reduction by one full cup size should be safely achievable.

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Change Breast Size from B Cup to A Cup

Hi UKButterly,

First of all, you would need to be 18 years old to have surgery without your parents' permission.  So that's the first issue although it will shortly (within a year!) no longer be an issue.

The next issue is how likely you are to get the results you want and I would say that, in general, a small reduction may not be worth it for someone your age.  It's different for older patients, patients who have had (and are finished with) pregnancies, etc. because there is then a significant lift component and the concern with the appearance of scars inevitably diminishes somewhat over time.  But in a 17 year old, having scars in exchange for a relatively small lift and reduction may not be a good trade.

Of course, each situation is different and you should not hesitate to go for one or more consultations (you may have to wait a year if your parents won't take you now) and see what a doctor who is examining you in person would advise.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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The surgery is possible and if you are sure about your decision, it should be successful. However, I would recommend that you wait until you are 18 years old and a legal adult before pursuing this. 

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Minimum age is 18 for surgery.

You have to be at least 18 to have surgery without consent of a parent or guardian.  Having such a sugery will take a huge decision and should be decided at an older age. 

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Reducing Breast Size

The question you are asking is possible. The surgical procedure is very similar to gynecomastia reduction procedures. Many MEN/BOYS have surgery to correct this. It would be possible to do this for you. You would want to make sure and find the right surgeon and be very sure of your decision as with any surgical procedure.

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Breast reduction

Yes that is doable. If you want a more masculine chest there is more involved than just making the breasts smaller. Male chests also have smaller areolae that are further from the midline than female breasts. The procedure is more like a gynecomastia surgery than it is a breast reduction.

Aaron Stone, MD
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