Am I able to get a reduction under 18 in Australia if I meet the requirements of being a candidate at 17?

Hello, I'm Ash. I'm 17 years old, 5'1 and weigh 66Kgs. I have a bra size of 10JJ. The amount of pain my breast cause me is tremendous. Some times I can't even get out of bed to go to school or lift my school bag. My back, neck, shoulders, knees and hips are paying for my breast weight. I had a C cup in year 4 and skipped straight to a DD the start of year 5 and left year 6 with an F. I've been growing ever since. Id really appreciate some help, guidance, tips anything. Thank you for your time, Ash.

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Teenage breast reduction

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I can appreciate what you are suffering and yes you can have a breast reduction.

The problem you have is functional and is thus medical, with no age restrictions, being under 18 I would like to have your parents involved in the consultation process, as this is a big decision.

I have performed a number of breast reductions on patients in your situation and they have been life changing procedures. My advice is to seek the opinion of a qualified plastic surgeon and the pros and cons of the procedure can be discussed and you can then consider your best options.

I hope that is of help, and all the best

Jeremy Hunt 

You can have a Breast Reduction if you are under 18

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Hi Ash

You can have a Breast Reduction at 17.

Your symptoms sound severe and a Breast Reduction can help. I have treated a few patients under 18 ( with parental consent) who have realised the benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery.

You need to have parental consent and see a Plastic Surgeon who can help you 

Hope this helps, all the best

Breast reduction surgery

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You should consider a breast reduction surgery because their large size you are experiencing big problems like back. neck, shoulders pain, always with the permission of your parents for your age. I recommend you talk to them about your concerns and expose your desires and concerns.

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