Reducing Hyperpigmentation from Burn Scars?

Okay so I'm 17 years old and last summer, I was burned from hot oil on both of my arms. I had 2nd and some 3rd degree burns on a good portion of both of my arms. It's been a year now and I have some scaring and a lot of hyperpigmentation.

It seems like whenever I go under the sun even with the use of sun screen the marks get darker. What are some ways of reducing hyperpigmentation or removing it? Also for scars, what are the best things I can do?

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Reducing hyperpigmentation from burn scars?

The first line for hyperpigmentation is over the counter bleaching creams. The next step is prescription forms of the medication. A light chemical peel may be helpful and / or microablative skin resurfacing. After you have invested in the above, you should apply a sun block if you don't want to repeat the above!!

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