Reducing Ear Length Without Ear Pinning?

I do not need my ears pinned back , but I do need to have the length of my ears reduced, is that possible?

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Long earlobes?

One of the more common reasons for longer-appearing ears is a droopy or pendulous earlobe.

Earlobe reduction surgery can often be achieved under just local anesthesia (injection of numbing medicine) in the office.  It's a nice way to get a shorter looking ear without a lot of muss and fuss.


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Ear length reduction

The answer is, it depends. If the only problem is the length, then this could be corrected in an office based procedure under local anesthesia. If you do have a compound problem involving other aspects of the ear, including unfolding of the helical rims, this would require a more comprehensive surgery.

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Many options for changing the length of your ears

It really depends on what is causing your ears to look long. If it is your earlobe, your earlobe can be made smaller through different techniques associated with otoplasty (ear shaping / ear pinnning / ear plastic surgery / ear cosmetic surgery / large ear surgery). This is the most common cause for long ears. Sometimes losing the volume in your ear lobes can cause the skin to hang down. Adding tissue back can improve this appearance.

There are also ways to take some of the extra skin away so that the earlobe can look shorter. If the ear is longer above where it curls. There are ways to take away cartilage so the it reduces the length of the ears. A great way to know would be to see some pictures.

Thanks for reading!

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Ear length reduction


Hello. Thank you for the question. Its difficult to give an accurate assessment of you without having the luxury of seeing your photos or examining you firsthand. Having said that, an ear length reduction(reduction otoplasty) is possible at the expense of a scar. It really depends on your clinical condition and what your realistic expectations are. I recommend visiting your local board certified plastic/facial plastic surgeon and reviewing your options, risks and benefits, etc.

Hope this helps.

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