Will a Reduced Temperature For The Laser Reduce The Effectiveness?

Will reduced temperature of the laser effect the improvement in hair growth negatively? The Doctor reduced the temperature this time saying that the hand piece was replaced and hence would generate more heat at the usual temperature. Now post treatment i feel that the hair growth is fast. Also how long does the Facial grow if not treated? I mean is there any duration after which the growth stops?

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Settings for hair removal

Sometimes when a new head is sent from a company for the laser, or a replacement, or a new one is purchased, you do need to lower the settings because they are sometimes higher or hotter. That's not uncommon to do because it keeps you from getting burned or the settings being too high. I'm unsure what area of your body is being treated, but yes, each body area does have a growth rate and hair turnover rate. The face is usually just a few weeks, while the legs are a few months. There are different stages of hair growth and each body area goes through these stages at different rates. That's why we recommend shorter lengths between hair removal treatments to the face, and longer lengths between treatments to the legs. It's important to hit each different cycle of growth for maximum effectiveness and overall results.

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