Can You Reduce the Thickness of the White Lip?

Hi, I read that ideally your upper lip should sit 4mm behind the line that goes from your chin to the tip of your nose. My upper lip touches that line. I consulted a OMF surgeon. He said my teeth and jaw weren't the problem but my lips are too thick -that is not the red lip but the nasolabial part (between the nose and the red lip). Is there a way to reduce that part or to bring it closer onto the teeth? I'm thinking of something like an inverted lip lift. thanks!

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Upper lip dimensions

If you mean that the "WHITE" lip is too thick , meaningnthe skin is thick, you cant do anything about that. But I think you mean that the distance between the nosED and the vermillion ("RED" LIP) is too great. In that case the only procedure that will shortne nthe disatnce is a lip lift which can be either a vermillion advancement or a subnasal apoproach. The esthetics are not exactly the same and both potentially deal with an external scar. Consult with someone who dose these regularly.

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Thinning the white portion of the upper lip

This is an interesting and most meticulous evaluation of your condition. I am not sure of the options for thinning or debulking the upper lip without possible loss or compromise of function.

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