Is it possible to reduce the width of the philtrum in conjunction with an upper lip lift to reduce length? (Photo)

I am very unhappy with the appearance of my lips/smile. It's completely uneven. One side curves up nicely while the other side is more of a blunt corner... almost pointing down with certain facial expressions. There is a hangy lump in the middle of my upper lip. Half of my upper lip is thinner than the other half. My lips don't part naturally. I feel my philtrum is too wide and too long. Would an upper lip lift could potentially fix these issues? And perhaps a corner lift on one side?

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Upper lip changes

A subnasal lip lift could improve the appearance of the upper lip and give you a fuller, more toothy smile. However it would not reduce the width of the philthrum. Reducing the philthrum would leave a noticeable scar. Perhaps someone else has a more favorable solution. 

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