How to Reduce the Post Pregnancy Fat of Stomach?

Hey friends, My friend put on 15 kg of weight during pregnancy and now after delivery is has become very difficult to reduce that fat. She is a working woman and can't take out time for Gym. What diet shall she follow and what kind of exercises will help me reduce down the fat. Kindly help. Thank you...

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Weight Loss after Pregnancy

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Weight loss can certainly be difficult after pregnancy. Working moms   are juggling time at work, time at home caring for the newborn, and time for themselves. Finding time for themselves for many moms becomes nearly impossible. If exercise cannot be part of a daily routine, then a healthy diet with fewer daily calories is really the only way to lose weight. When the calories that you consume exceed your body's caloric needs, your body will store those extra calories as fat. On the other hand, if the calories you consume do not provide for all of your body's caloric needs, then your body will start burning the extra fat in the body to meet its caloric requirements. Bottom line, eat less and you'll lose weight.

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Losing weight after pregnancy - general advice

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Hi, I have three kids myself and I work, so I understand completely! I downloaded the free MyFitnessPal app for the iphone and entered my goals, and I lost 15 pounds I had been dragging around for ten years,in about 6 weeks. I find low carbohydrate works so much better for me and all my post-baby patients in general, or you can go Atkins if you want to lose really fast, but it is hard to keep off when you return to "normal". I don't think targeted exercises really work to remove fat in that area, although increasing your muscle mass in general is great because it means you can eat more calories. Good luck to your friend - and don't give up on yourself after kids, remember you need to be a great role model and take care of yourself!

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