How can I reduce or remove chicken pox scars from nose? (photos)

I had chicken pox when i was younger which left behind 2 scars on my nose. Almost 12 years later i stilll have them, with no sign of faiding what so ever. I am of Asian decent with light brown skin tone. one scar is scar is in between the eyes region on the thin skin area of the nose. the other one is slightly lower with a slight depression, on the slightly thicker area of the nose. what are the best non-surgical (in terms of any creams or other treatments) or surgical methods for me. thanks

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Chicken pox scar, nose

It is often difficult to tell from a picture, and you should see a facial plastic surgeon or a cosmetic dermatologist for a consultation. It appears that you have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) as well as depressed pox scars. The brown color can be improved with bleaching creams, chemical peels or Q-switched lasers. The contour can be improved with fillers and/or needle subscision therapy followed repetitive vacuum suction treatments.
Best of luck to you.

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