How Can I Reduce my Lip Protrusion Caused by Orthodontic Work? (photo)

Unhappy with the result from braces had as an adult. My jaw has been expanded in the forwards position to create room for my crowded teeth. The bottom teeth are now flaring out and the upper teeth are protrusive. I had mild-moderate crowding prior to treatment and no teeth extracted. I want my teeth to be pulled back into my face to get rid of the protrusion but have severe root resorption in my upper front teeth. What are my options? Will extractions be possible/help with my facial aesthetics?

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Lip Protrusion

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Pulling teeth will definitely reduce your lip fullness. It is not the only way to get less protrusion. I would speak to your orthodontist about it. You will want to perhaps use photoshop to tweak a picture to show what degree you are trying to get to show them.

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