How Do I Reduce my Epicanthal Folds? (photo)

I'm an 18 year old Caucasian, who was born with epicanthal folds (my mother has them slightly) & they've made me look slightly down syndrome my whole life. I have no conditions what so ever, I am overweight. One of my epicnathal folds is bigger than the other, I'd like to know how I can reduce it so it can match my other eye which has less of a fold. When I pinch my nose bridge, they both disappear completely, but I end up looking goggle eyed because of it. I'd love to have my left eye equal.

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You Don't Even Remotely Look LIke You Have A Downs Type Face.

The major problem with medial epicanthal fold surgery is obvious scaring.  It has the potential to heal great or to scar as well.  For this reason, with minor issues, it is hard to be enthusiastic in recommend this approach surgically.

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