What Can Be Done to Reduce Fibrotic Scarring from Laser Lipo?

I had vaser liposuction on my abdomen 3.5 weeks ago. On beginning of third wk after the swelling has subsided, my whole abdomen area felt like my muscle is in a constant state of contraction. I can barely stand straight without feeling the pull. I am very scared that this will be a permanent situation. I understand that fibrotic scarring is very hard to treat. My surgeon may have been too aggressive with the vaser. I told him on the first follow that it feels like a third degree burn.

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What Can Be Done to Reduce Fibrotic Scarring from Laser Lipo?

Thank you for your question. We use the Vaser Vasershape with ultrasound on a very mild setting to soften this condition, and it is very effective. If you can tolerate it, the VelaShape is also very effective. I hope this helps.

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Scarring after Vaser Lipo

Tightness, burning, and a feeling of fibrosis can be normal after any surgical procedure.  The healing process dictates that week 1 to week 5 is a period of inflammation when tissues are firm, indurated, tight, and may feel like "contraction".   After that period of time, collagen remodels and tissues will soften, part of the normal healing process.  Although over treatment can occur, give it some time as healing takes a good 6 months if not longer with these procedures.  Follow up with your surgeon regularly.

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Overdone liposuction?

Overly aggressive liposuction can result in deformities that are hard to impossible to treat.  Since you are early out, you don't know if this is your situation.  I'd stick close to your doctor, massage the areas and give it 6 months of healing time.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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