How to Reduce a Chubby Face?

I have been reading and it seems like buccal fat removal is generally not well regarded by most surgeons due to it's tendency to produce a hollowed cheek effect as the person ages. However, I inherited chubby cheeks from my mom and even though she is almost 50, she still has them. What are some other methods? I also inherited her large cheekbones (she is asian), which only makes my cheeks look more pronounced. Suggestions? What are some other ways to reduce chubby cheeks?

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How to make face less chubby looking

You have a couple of options to decrease the chubbiness of the face and make it more aesthetic in appearance.  I'm not a fan of buccal fat removal for the reasons you cited.  You can shape the face by:

  1. Micro-liposuction of the nasolabial folds, cheeks and lower face to create general thinning of the face
  2. If the cheeks are to broad, they can be reduced using a nasal rasp placed through an intra-oral approach.


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Chubby Face

Without pictures, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  Options would range anywhere from liposuction to face lift.  I would suggest going to your local plastic surgeon to discuss your options.


Good Luck.

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How to Reduce a Chubby Face?

The treatment for this problem is two folds. Remove the buccal fat pads and liposuction the external jowls and lower face. This procedures need to be performed on appropriate patients who do have excessive superficial and deep fat deposits.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
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I have performed this procedure over many years and am always very aware of the long-term effects re aging and other changes in facial features over time.  You should consult with a PS in your area who has experience with this procedure.

Edward J. Bednar, MD
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The Merits Of Buccal Lipectomies Must Take in The Patient's Facial Shape and Fat Distribution

You have specifically addressed your chubby face as that of chubby cheeks. There is only one procedure that can help reduce that chubbiness and that is a buccal lipectomy with perioral mound liposuction. Buccal lipectomies get an unfair amount of criticism for having undesired long-term outcomes (gaunt face look) which is largely a result of on whom and how they are performed. In someone wiith a naturally fuller and round face, buccal lipectomies do not necessarily result in an eventual gaunt look because this type of face is naturally fuller and has overall excess fat. This fat removal is bringing them back to a more normal fat distribution in the cheeks. In someone that has a more normal-shaped face with just some mild chubby cheeks, then buccal lipectomies should not be done or done very conservatively. Because of how easy the buccal fat comes out, it is very easy to remove too much and even pull its extensions or fingers from other surrounding areas. It is a procedure in which over-resection is very easy to do. The consideration of buccal lipectomies should be based on the anatomy and fat distribution of each patient's face. It is not for everyone with 'chubby cheeks'. But when patient selection is thoughtfully done and too much is not removed, buccal lipectomies can yield good long-term results. 

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Chubby Face

By far the best way to improve a chubby face is weight loss. It is without risk and gives you a natural shape. Buccal lipectomy can sometimes help in the right candidate but are not without risk (to the facial nerve and parotid duct). Liposuction under the chin can help in some patients (not truly the face). Liposuction in the face may not make a significant difference and there is some risk to the facial nerve and parotid duct. A facelift will not change the shape of the face much but can help the neck some (difficult to change in a heavy neck). Weight loss is really your best option.

Richard Dale Reynolds, MD
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