6 weeks post Breast Augmentation. What exercises can and cannot be done after?

I had a revision 6 weeks ago, open capsulectomy and capsulorraphy to correct capsular contracture and an implant exchange. I am very active, I go to the gym every day and would like to know which exercises are safe and which can never be performed again post breast augmentation? Please advise.

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Exercise after Breast Revision

It is important that you not engage in strenuous activities in the first three (2-3) weeks after surgery. Aerobic exercise will raise your blood pressure, which could cause late bleeding and harm your result. If your job keeps you sedentary, you may return to work when you feel comfortable, several days after surgery. Once you begin exercising again, start gently and let your body tell you what it can tolerate. Don’t rush!!

You should check with your plastic surgeon to see if you have healed well and be cleared to work out. I advise my patients to wait until 6 weeks after their surgery


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6 weeks post Breast Augmentation. What exercises can and cannot be done after?

This is really something you should be asking your surgeon as he/she is the only one who knows exactly what was done in your surgery.  But if you were my patient and healing was smooth and there was nothing I was particularly concerned about, I would release you to slowly go back to your regular activity, perhaps giving another couple of weeks for anything very strenuous like heavy lifting or hitting the pavement, just to ensure the capsulorrhaphy holds.  ac

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The unknown here is the capsulorraphy.  Only your surgeon can counsel you on your return to activities as he/she knows what was done in your particular case.  Otherwise most surgeons would allow full activities by six weeks for sure.  

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Exercising 6-8 Weeks After Breast Augmentation

You can perform pretty much any exercise you'd like after you've fully recovered. However, it is best to find out the specifics from your surgeon. generally, I suggest waiting for at least 6 weeks before doing anything strenuous.

Excersice after a breast implants replacement surgery

If the incission was the same as was used in the primary case, six weeks is more than enough to start your exercise rutine. If the surgeons uses a bigger scar, you must wait for 2 more weeks, and don't forget to continue using the special postsurgical Bra at the beguining.

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Breast augmentation and exercise

While you should always ask your surgeon, I routinely allow my patients to start light aerobics within about 3-4 weeks and heavy lifting and exertion by 6-8.

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Exercisinig after breast implant revision

You should follow your surgeon's advice about exercising.  No one on line knows the details of your surgery as your surgeon does.  Patients are generally well healed by 6 weeks, but revisionary surgery can present unique circumstances.


Good Question and I wish more people would ask before simply resuming "normal" activities.

It depends on what you had done and why you needed it. Athletic ladies (such as yourself) are at risk because of several factors. First of all, you frequently have higher risks of capsular contracture if you're taking antiplatelet drugs such as multivitamins, fish oils, vitamin E because they cause minor bleeding around the implant which is inflammatory and the body reacts to this with increased scar formation (capsular contracture). Secondly, weight lifters need to have the capsulorraphy more often REGARDLESS OF THE SIZE OF THE IMPLANT because the forceful contraction of the pectoralis muscle repeatedly pushes the implants downward and outward, making your cleavage gap wider, the implants lower, and the nipples tend to sit too high on the implants. . In other words, these activities make the implant likely to "bottom out" which is repaired by capsulorraphy.

So, please check with you PS and be sure that you're not undoing the recent surgical correction . 


Assuming you have had no complications and are healing normally, I would say you should have no limitation

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What exercises can I do six weeks after capsulectomy capsular Orphe for capsular contracture

I would refrain from doing any significant upper body exercises either low load or heavy repetitive work until cleared by your plastic surgeon. I believe it would be safe to do some cardiac work with good support however I would surely discuss this as well with your surgeon before going ahead Best wishes!

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