Follow-up Question - Crooked nose after silicone implant, what can I do? (photos)

Hi Doctors, Today is my 10 days since the surgery, my nose is kindy stuffy and i feel pressure inside of it, my concern is my nose is look crooked, it seems like the silicone is more in the left side, i'm so paranoid and depress, what i'm gonna do?

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Too soon

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Based on your pics...  you are still swolllen. Its too soon to see results. Real results are seen after 10 months after surgery. Remember you got a silicone implant inside your nose, which causes more inflammation  than usual. Try to relax and be patience. Keep talking with your Doctor , follow his instructions. Tell him your thoughts, he is your best option right now..


Dr hernandez Pizzoglio

Crooked after 10 days

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It's too early to tell what's going on. I see that you still have a bruise. Hang in there and follow your surgeon's instructions.

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