Redo Vaser Liposuction?

Friday I had vaser lipo on my abs, bra roll & flanks. The numbing agent did not work and the pain was unbearable (600 ccs of fluid/fat fr my abs; 1/3 of planned) He did not continue, said would need to schedule the procedure so I could be put to sleep. I only drained for about 12 hours, not two days as said. He wants to schedule the procedure, to complete my ab region, and begin my flanks & bra roll with me asleep this Thursday or Friday. Is that too soon?

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Redo Vaser Liposuction?

Thank you for your question. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. It sounds like you did not get enough "numbing agent" or your surgeon 's experience with the VASER is limited. For best results, I agree, that IV sedation will help your surgeon do better sculpting especially on someone whose more anxious. I have done the VASER under local tumescent anesthesia suplemented with a Xanax and intramuscular Demeol injection with excellent results and no patient discomfort. Going back early (one week from your initial surgery) is OK, since you do not have significant scar formation which would make the procedure more difficult. I personally would never do a secondary liposuction (I see quite a few who had lipo at other offices and are unhappy with the results) without the VASER. Good luck on your surgery.

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