Re-tatoo lighter shade around lip to get rid of dark liner?

I had my lip liner done 4 years ago and she completely ruined my lips. The line is extremely uneven and one side goes in to my lip. And to top it off she used a color which turned into dark burgendy. Is there a way to re-tatoo a lighter shade around the lips and my full lips to get rid of this horrible dark liner?

I am also looking for an experienced "artist" in the dallas area not just an aethesthecian who claims they are the best.

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Permanent lip liner revision with laser

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You might get a much better result by using a laser to lighten or remove the previously done tattooing and start again with a fresh "canvas" after finding a new specialist to do the permanent makeup.  Using a lighter pigment may not mask the color well enough and might be harder to remove the lighter color with laser if it doesn't come out well.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Don't tattoo over bad tattoo

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Dark colored tattoo ink cannot be "painted over' with lighter tattoo ink, just as you cannot paint over a dark color without using primer first. Consider laser removal of the pigment, but make sure a test spot is offered first. Some permanent inks have iron oxide which can turn orange when lasered.

Barry Resnik, MD
Miami Dermatologist

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