Redness One Week After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I had breast surgery a week ago. Although I have experienced no pain at all, my breasts are now very red and feel warm to touch. I am beginning to get some feeling back and experiencing twinges on movement which I assume is normal now the implants are settling in. However, the redness does concern me a little. I have taken a 5 day course on co-amoxiflab which was given to me when I left the clinic. Please tell me if the redness is something I need to be concerned about before my appointment?

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Redness and Warmth after Breast Augmentation

Redness and warmth may be an indicator of infection. Without a proper exam it's impossible to reassure you that you have nothing to worry about. It's best to follow up with your plastic surgeon to determine if additional treatment is required.

Thanks for your question. Best of luck!

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Redness after surgery needs to be evaluated

Thank you for your question. Redness after surgery does not necessarily mean infection but it is something that needs to be evaluated by your surgeon. Infection is usually associated with a considerable amount of pain and often fevers and chills. You should see your surgeon for an evaluation.

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Redness one week after surgery

Redness after surgery is always of some concern. It does not always mean there is an infection present. Fever with the redness and drainage would be of concern. Make sure you go for your scheduled follow ups.

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Redness One Week After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

A photo might help, but either way I think this merits a call to the surgeon where a brief history can be taken over the phone and the surgeon can decide if a visit is appropriate. This could be a sign of infection, but there are a number of other possibilities, but if an infection is present, some intervention now can prevent more of a problem in the near future. 

Thanks and best wishes. 

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