Redness/tenderness from Lipo on Hips? (photo)

I had liposculpture performed about 3.5 weeks ago on my love handles and flanks, but one side is much more swollen and red than the other. What is this? I am in school up north also, so I cannot go back to the practice where I had it done anytime soon. I've attached pictures of both sides, one which is visibly more swollen and red.

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Redness/tenderness from Lipo on Hips? (photo)

You need immediate medical care! See the health doc at your school ASAP. Could be cellulitis or an abscess forming. 

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Redness and tenderness of liposuction site

You may have an infection based upon your description. Best to be seen in person to  make a proper evaluation.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Redness/tenderness from Lipo on Hips

It appears that you have an infection, you should be seen ASAP- if you cannot go to your operating surgeon, you should be seen by your primary care doctor, the sooner the better, do not let this progress as it could become life threatening!

Amy T. Bandy, DO, FACS
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