Is redness, swelling & warm skin mainly a small midsection area 3 weeks after TT normal? No fever or pain some tightness.

Day 18-Drains removed still putting out 12cc yellowish fluid. No issues. At night a short-lived fever, then broke, I went to work the next day (I sit all day at work) . Day 20-tummy below the belly button was red & warm to the touch, lessened after shower. Day 21-PS drained some fluid with a needle, no pain at all. Not much came out. I am still red, swollen and warm to touch, but no fever at all, feeling fine, wearing binder 24/7 and on 3rd round of Keflex 500mg. Bedrest for the weekend.

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Swelling post-op

This is not normal and could indicate the presence of an infected seroma so it is definitely worth calling your plastic surgeon ASAP.

Redness 3 weeks after TT

Unfortunately this is not normal. Hopefully you are seeing your plastic surgeon regularly. You may need a change in the antibiotics or you may even need a CT scan and surgical drainage. Good luck.

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