Redness, Irritation and Crusting by Ear After Face Lift

I was healing fine until I notice redness, swelling, crusting both ears 3 and a half months after face lift. I was using Dermasmoothe for eczema and later Monodox antibotice for staff infection. Monodox didn't work, took generic Beltrax for 10 days and predisone. Seemed to help, but after 2 days off antibotics, my symptoms are back. Culture shows light staff infection. What can this be, a suture reaction, infection?

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Redness, irritation next to ear incision from face lift

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This could be your sutures that are holding your facelift incision intact. This would be something that you doctor would need to look at. The treatment would be to remove the sutures and then wound treatment with vinegar water washes, and even topical antibiotics. Another option would be to see a dermatologist. But likely it is related to the face lift and the incision.

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Skin Inflammation 3 Months after Facelift

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Unless the redness, irritation, and crusting is confined to the suture line, it is unlikely this is secondary to your facelft which was done over 3 months ago. It sounds like you have a chronic skin condition with eczema and are receiving good medical care. Make sure one of your physicians is an experienced dermatologist.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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