Redness from Fraxel Restore?

Calve muscle on legs I have 2 large scars from surgery for compartment syndrome I have had 5 pulse dye lasers and 4 fraxel restore treatments the scars look a lot worse then before with redness surrounding scars and the scars look more red then before , will this fade over time ? would u advise using biafine emulsion to help fade the redness ? Your help will be greatly appreciated . Thanks

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Redness from Fraxel?

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Thank you for your question. I would stick to the V_Beam Perfecta, and not do any fractional therapy until the redness is reduced.  The V-Beam can take 10-20 treatments and sometimes 6-8.  Everybody responds differently.  After exhausting this, then go to some fractional therapy. There is promising information from Erbium fractional therapy, and also consider silicone tape and steroid injections. I hope this helps!

Calve Muscle Scarring

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The lower legs are always a difficult location for wound healing. Wounds that lose their redness on the face in 4-6 weeks usually take 6 months or longer on the legs for the same response. Treatment with Fraxel Re:store in San Diego should ultimately result in blending the scars better but may extend that healing time even more. It should gradually resolve. I don’t think Biafine would be beneficial, but growth factors which help stimulate wound healing should be. I would recommend SkinMedica TNS twice a day and possibly visiting a board certified dermatologist .

Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (in memoriam)
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

Scars on the legs

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Discolorations and scars on the lower extremities are some of the hardest to treat.   Legs can take years to improve compared to other areas such as the trunk and face that heal relatively quickly.  I suspect that the red around the scar is from the Fraxel laser and should eventually resolve.  Time will tell whether the surgical scar will continue to improve or not.  It sounds like you have taken appropriate steps so far. 

Elizabeth Piantanida, MD
Colorado Springs Dermatologic Surgeon

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