Redness Under Eyes 1 Day After Upper Bleph

I had an upper bleph yesterday. I have iced to frozen and sat up all the time. i am not too swollen and can see fine..I just have redness in my eyelids and under my eyes...mostly the outer half. Again not really swollen just red/purple. Look like Rocky took a couple swings at me. It doesnt hurt. Is this normal/ Can I do anything besides freeze my face?

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Red eyes after Blepharoplasty

 It sounds like you are douing all the correct things at this early post Blepharoplasty stage.  You could avoid straining or bending over...including working on a laptop or typing on a keyboard as this places the face in a dependent position increasing the blood flow to the face and eyes.  Swelling and bruising typically lasts about 1 week after Blepharoplasty, so having some at day 1 is not at all unusual.  Hang in there, it will resolve.

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Bruising After Upper Blepharoplasty


I have been performing eyelid surgery in Denver since 2003.  It is completely normal to experience bruising after upper blepharoplasty.  Often, the bruising tracks down into the lower lid due to gravity.  Here are some things to help decrease your bruising:

1) Ice the eyes for the first few days after surgery

2) Avoid exercise and straining

3) Sleep with your head elevated (by using an extra pillow or sleeping in a reclining chair)

4) There is some evidence that formulations of the herb Arnica Montana may be helpful.

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