Redness/bronzing 3 Weeks Post One Session of Fraxel Restore

I am now three weeks post-Fraxel restore(had one session only). My skin still looks pink and I can see the demarcation line between the lasered and normal skin. My skin is of mediterranean type. Should I wait for more several weeks to have my skin return normal-because of my skin type?

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Fraxel and pigmentation

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You may be susceptible to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation having Mediterranean skin.  Often I offer my paitents one or two test spots which are observed for a month or two for such hyperpigmentation.  If it occurs and we can't lighten it easily with creams, then the patient is not considered to be a good candidate for the procedure.  Unfortuanately, even if there is no problem from the test spot, it doesn't guarantee that the treatment over the whole face won't create some hyperpigmentation. You should use a good sunblock and have your doctor evaluate your skin coloration whether it is redness or pigmentation and treat it accordingly.

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Rednees and Bronzing 3 Weeks After Fraxel Restore

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Hi Sam,

In answer to your question, yes.  It is best to wait until your skin has recovered, at least close to normal, before proceeding with additional Fraxel restore laser treatments.  Discuss this with your treating physician so that the settings can be adjusted for your next treatment.  Good luck and be well.

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