Redness and Purple on the Bottom Half of my Breasts After BA?

Hello, it's been 6 days. My breasts were feeling good by the third and fourth day however today they are sore and are red/purple from the incisions upwards just past my nipples. Is it normal for pain, redness and swelling to come and go?

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

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Bruising and swelling is totally normal and should be expected. That being said if the pain is out of control and the breasts are swelling I would be concerned over a hematoma and suggest you be seen ASAP

Redness and Purple after BA

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Hard to evaluate without a photo. Your surgeon is the right person to be asking this question. 

This finding can be completely normal, with somewhat more bruising than is normal. Things like aspirin administration, high blood pressure, smoking, excessive activity can contribute to the bruising. 

This finding can also be a sign of a hematoma, or blood collection around the implant, and that would need to be evaluated by your surgeon. 

Reassurance should come from your surgeon after a phone call or better an evaluation in the office. 

Thanks and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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