Would IPL Address Redness After Erbium Treatment 1.5 Years Later?

I had an erbium laser treatment 1.5 years ago on a columellar scar and recently contacted a dermatologist about the persistent redness. The dermatologist advised using IPL treatments to remove the redness. However, I'm 3 months post-op of an open revision rhinoplasty and was wondering if its OK to proceed with treatment, I have a wedding to attend in 3 weeks and the redness is very unsightly. My revision surgeon wants to do a scar revision when I'm a year out, so this is just for the time-being.

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IPL for redness

If you have a fair complexion, IPL can help fade redness even after an erbium laser treatment.  Be sure to avoid the sun after your treatment to prevent hyperpigmentation.

Toronto Dermatologist
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IPL can improve facial redness in almost everyone regardless of the cause.

An expert in the use of IPL can usually improve facial redness following a laser peel.  This includes the redness following a laser peel.

Mark Taylor, MD
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