Redness Afer Juverderm

i had juverderm injected in one wrinkel on my lip,but after 6 month he let me a importante color between redness and brown,the doctor make laser v-beam,glycolic peel and nothing change. the color is between red and brown should the doctor try with the laser q-swatched or nd-yag? have you other solution to tell-me? i am really panic because in 6 month the color didn't change a little bit and after 6 month for only help-me please thank you millia

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Juvederm and redness

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Perhaps you can post a picture of the area. This would help us give you a more precise diagnosis. Possible treatments include. Q switched lasers, more VBeam treatments, long pulse NdYag treatments, bleaching creams, hyaluronidase, etc.

Sacramento Dermatologic Surgeon

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