Constant eye mucus/ irritation (feels like there is an eyelash in my eye always) 1 year after upper and lower bleph? (Photo)

I have seen an optometrist who suggested I might have an infection, but could not tell. My plastic surgeon suggested hypo allergenic mascara. I've changes all my makeup and still if I wear any eyeliner my eyes immediately are irritated, water and get "goopy". Very frustrated that not only are my eyes not almond shaped anymore, but that they are always irritated, tired and cannot wear makeup ...what is wrong?

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Chronic corneal exposure and drying up of cornea

you may have lower eyelid ectropion or too much skin removed from the upper eyelids. I suggest you see an ophthalmologist to assess your cornea first and then you may need some type of reconstruction of the lower eyelid. 

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