Redish Fluid Coming out of Gluteal Implants Incision?

I got a gluteal implants in my country, had a seroma 10 days after surgery, my doctor opened the incision and cleaned it for 5 days until no more fluids formed, he stitched me again on monday, on Thursday while in the plane back I started noticing a reddish fluid soaking the gauze the covers the incision, it has been 4 days and the fluid still soaking the gauzes, is this normal? My doctor says it is! Am still a bit soar but no fever or pain is present!

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Butt implants done in another country, now leaking fluid

I would recommend that you have the fluid removed under ultrasound guidance.  If the fluid is infected you may need to be on antibiotics or the implants need to be removed.  Sitting on an airplane after having the surgery did not help you. You will likely have difficulty finding  a plastic surgeon that we'll treat another person's complication that occurred in a surgery done internationally. I would call around and see if a plastic surgeon will help you. 

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Butt Implant

That is a strange story. Having implants then open the wound and drain seroma for 5 days??? Was the implant exposed all this time??? I would recommend you see a plastic surgeon or go back to your plastic surgeon. You may have a seroma, or an infected implant

Samir Shureih, MD
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