Have I developed capsular contracture at 6 months? (photos)

Hi,left implant hasn't dropped to the same position as the right, feels a bit sore. It has dropped since month 4 but I'm now at month 6 and they still aren't even? Is this cc? I have 200cc textured unders. I had stitches that spat out on my left nipple which now healed but more red than the rest of my scar and underneath at the t section this happened, could this have affected my healing? The wounds only recently closed fully. I also used this arm a lot to begin with as my right was more bruised

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Have I developed capsular contracture at 6 months?

It is not possible to know if you have developed capsular contracture based only on your photos. A personal examination would be needed to evaluate your condition. You should feel tightness around your breast area and experience pain if you do have a capsular contracture. It may also be possible that your breasts are still in their recovery period which means each breast would be asymmetrical even by this time due to their different rates of healing.

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Have I developed capsular contracture at 6 months?

Thank you for your question.  An examination in person is necessary to diagnose a capsular contracture.  This cannot be done based on a photo.  If you have a capsular contracture the implant should feel tight,, B displaced upward, and be painful.  Please see your plastic surgeon for an examination.

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