I Am a Redhead Who is a Slow Healer After Facial Treatments. What To Expect From These Treatments?

I Plan to Have an Aesthetican Perform 6 laser treatments, each one month apart, for broken capillaries, sun spots, freckles,etc. I am having IPL and photo genesis done. What should I expect as far as swelling, discoloration and down time?

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Go to an office where a doctor is in charge to make sure you get a safe and effective treatment.

I have seen many scars from improperly performed IPL treatments and eye injuries from 1064 YAG (Laser Genesis) type treatments.  If the aesthetician works in a doctors office and is extremely well trained and competent, you should only have minor redness with little or no swelling.  Freckles and age spots will turn darker and gradually fade away.  Fine vessels require more skillful treatment to safely and effective remove them.

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What to expect after IPL

My biggest concern is that you are treated by an office which has direct oversight and accessibility to a physician. If you are not doing this, I would suggest you stop and get another office to treat you. Neither IPL or laser genesis should have much downtime. What you should expect is to be bit red after treatment (kind of like you went to the gym) and possibly slight swelling maybe for a day, if even that. Sometimes you may have coffee grounding after a treatment, which is the actual damage under the skin rising and coming up and out. It's like a sticky brownish hue on the skin that sluffs off after a few days. This doesn't happen every treatment, but it will probably happen depending on how much brown discoloration is in your skin. The most important thing is to avoid sun before a treatment and make sure you are wearing a good sunscreen! And please, make sure you are going to an office with a physician. You should not be shopping for a cheap price when it comes to these treatments, but experience!

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